Carmelitas - oat crumble bars with chocolate and caramel

I have been a little bit confused about what I’m doing. My plan wasn’t to end up here, but still I did. I didn’t have a specific way of going, just the first stop. And when the first stop didn’t happened I was a little bit off. I’m not sad about being here, not at all, but there is another place I wanna end up in. Not right now, but in the future. You have to start somewhere, so I picked the sunny coast of Australia as my place. Or maybe it picked me, and I just accepted it.

There have been some uninspired days lately. It could have been that after three months without the possibility to do exactly what you want to do and just dreaming (a lot). Then when you finally have room for everything it becomes to much, so you end up with nothing and empty. I still have all the dreams, but it’s like I can’t start doing them because they doesn't feel as important anymore. I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling I have.

There is so much stuff I want to do, sometimes to much. I don’t know where to start. What is the most important? Before arrival in Australia I made a list of things to explore here. I think fourteen of them is fulfilled, but so many more left. I still want to do everything on the list, but I doesn't have to. I will be alright if I just make some of them. I know it, but it doesn’t feel like it. In my head I have to do everything on the list to be satisfied. I know that the things on the list aren’t my most important task. So why stress over it? Probably because I’m afraid of missing out of something that I could never do again. Before I have missed out of things because I was scared.

Maybe this is all a reaction of me being a little bit less scared and ready to discover new things. And when I don’t do stuff, it feels like I’m scared of doing things. I’m in a conflict with myself if I should settle down and do the things that matters the most, or explore things that I later could regret. What would I regret? Why can’t I do both?

Before writing this text I had my inspiration back, I know that I wanted to start working with cooking more food and style photos. Now when going thru all the toughs I’m a little bit confused again. Well, I’m guessing it’s part of the life. Let’s start with the first recipe of hopefully very many.

Everyone that has tasted this slice have all loved it. It’s not hard to understand why. You have the oat crumble together with chocolate and a tahini caramel in a perfect harmony. The recipe is vegan and can easily make gluten free if using certificated oats.

For the english version just head over to Happy Healthy Mama who come up with this lovely recipe.

Dessa carmelitas består av choklad, en tahini baserad karamell omgiven av en havre baserad crumbel. Var inte rädd för tahinin, du kan få en hint av den men tillsammans med alla de andra ingredienserna blir det en perfekt balans. Jag är inget stort fan av tahini, men älskar verkligen dessa bars. Det är ett otroligt enkelt recept och har uppskattats av alla som smakat.


1 ½ dl kokosolja, smält

1 ½ dl rå socker, farinsocker, kokossocker eller annat valfritt socker

4 ½ dl havregryn, hälften mixas till havremjöl

1 msk vanilj extrakt

¼ tsl salt

½ tsk bakpulver

½ tsk bikarbonat


1 dl tahini

1 dl lönnsirap eller annan liknande

1 dl kokosmjölk från konservburk

en nypa salt


1 dl hackad choklad


Sätt ugnen på 170 grader celsius. Lägg bakplåtspapper i en 20 x 15 form.

Smält kokosoljan och lägg tillsammans med sockret i en skål. Blanda samman.

Mixa hälften av havregrynen till ett fint pulver i en matberedare. Häll i havremjölet tillsammans med de övriga havregrynen i skålen med oljan och sockret. Häll i vaniljen, salt, bakpulvret och bikarbonat. Mixa väl.

Pressa hälften av havremixen i din redan förbereda form, baka i 10 minuter.

Mixa ihop karamellen genom att blanda tahini, sirap och kokosmjölken tillsammans med en nypa salt i en skål.

När formen har varit inne i 10 minuter, ta ut och bre över ett lager med den hackade chokladen. Häll över karamellen och toppa sedan med resterande av havremixen ovanpå.

Fortsätt baka i ca. 18 minuter, eller tills kanterna är gyllenbruna.

Låt svalna, och förvara sedan skapelsen i kylen minst två timmar (gärna över natten) så att den hinner sätta sig innan du skär upp den i bitar.


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